Orb _ vision _ digital painting _ matte painting _ 3D _ geometrické těleso geometrical body koule Michal Kozák


Selection of images created by combinations of digital techniques.
Sentinel - Michal Kozák


Pictures created on the base of novels called The Sentinel by Arthur C. Clarke. Images had made by combination CGI, matte painting and digital photography.
portrait database - hen - Gallus gallus f. domestica - Michal Kozák

Portrait Database

Concept of photography database. Encyclopedic portait shows living entity in one dignity veristic line.
1937 - Event- Michal Kozák


On the base of real events, which happened on May the 6th 1937 and August the 9th 1945, I made reconstruction of two photohraphs. I had to re-photoshoot and re-draw all scene and for that I was inspired by two famous photographs from history. Also I worked with moulded assotiation which made connection with my older work of vegetable still lifes.
Sweeden - Michal Kozák


Personal look on the sweedish area near the Halmstad city.
Anthills - Michal Kozák


Fascination by anthill and connecting with negative energy and organic shapes.
Watcher - Michal Kozák


Watcher is raw view telling story about existance of person on one place right now.
Brassica Oleracea Vegetalbe - Michal Kozák


Still lifes working with moulded assotiation of watcher. In this work I let a recipients use their own imaginations and connect their visualisation with my still lifes. I have reacted on these photos few years later in photo collection called „Events“
Antalya School Park - Michal Kozák

Antalya School Park

Documentation of vegetation in school garden used for studying of botanique in Antalya. Pictures were created during my studying programme on Fine Arts, Akdeniz Üniversitesi Ana Sayfa in Turkey.
Homeland - Michal Kozák


In this work I´m photoshooting places of my home village. Speciality of this file is light which no person can see in reality in one moment. Thanks to this I created new view on old places of my homeland.